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Wale, Bad Girls Club ft. J. Cole


It’s been a minute since we heard from Wale. The last we heard from him he was free styling over a Kriss Kross track, but he hasn’t put out any new Summer singles or releases. Wale’s silence has left fans anticipating new material more than ever–especially after his recent success with hits like Chillin’, 90210, Pretty Girls and his notable guest spot on No Hands. 

Just two days ago, Wale released the new track, Bad Girls Club featuring J. Cole.

The song is not likely to be related to the TV show with the same name, but it touches on similar topics–strong women and an excessive partying lifestyle.

The track opens up with J. Cole singing–something seldom heard from Cole but I’m not mad at it. J. Cole showing off his vocal ability could be beneficial to his career and his guest spot only adds hype to Cole’s upcoming new material.

I also appreciate a vocal chorus in a hip-hop song. It seems to be a lost addition these days and Cole’s hook seems to be reminiscent of the late Nate Dogg, who was notorious for his vocals on rap tracks. It’s is also just plain catchy and effective:

She’s a star if I ever seen one / A perfect 10, and Lord knows that I need one / So now I’m under pressure, I want it bad / She got something I never had / I see her lookin’ at me.” Throughout the song, he commands, “Bad bitches, get low right now.”

The hook then leads us into a drum and keys filled beat where Wale flows with his signature style. Wale raps, “I’m just tryin’ to get you comfortable / And it’s amazing what some liquor and a blunt will do.”

Cole and Wale show great chemistry and have impressive one liners throughout the track,

“I blow trees like a hurricane.”  and “If looks kill, then you’re murdering,” “I get paper like a mailbox, but girl you got me open,” just to name a few.

Sure the track might not touch on social and gender issues like Wale did with 90210, or discuss the struggles of overcoming poverty like Cole did in I Get Up. Instead, it’s a fun song that’s intended for radio and club play, a song that’s supposed to get your foot tapping and head noddin’.

Most of all, the track speaks loads to the diversity encompassed in both Wale and Cole’s work. Both encompass the ability to rap about the heavy stuff but they can also release the upbeat stuff, and pull it off just as nicely.

Check out the track, and keep your ears open for more Wale and Cole material coming at you this summer!

Image Source: Hip Hop Music Dot Com

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