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Musicians With Style: Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake is a man who has seemed to beat the odds of his childhood success to become a well respected actor, musician and even SNL funny man.

The guy is also just plain likable. You also can’t doubt that he knows how to dress, too.  If you’re stuck in the 90’s you may still be haunted by his bleach blond curls or even his dreaded corn row phase that we all have thankfully forgotten. For a walk down memory lane, click here. Though, his former fashion horrors just prove that there is hope out there for us all someday.

But fast forward to 2011–if you’ve been culturally aware as of late, you may be aware of his chic street style as well as his classy get ups that he sports at red carpet events.

Look #1: Casual

This past year or so cardigans have been very much in style so it was no surprise to see Timberlake pulling them off fairly dapperly. Cardigans are extremely versatile. You can pair them with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual street look, or even pair them with a button down and tie for a more formal setting.

Just be sure that the wash and style of denim works well with the cardigan and shirt. Match your colors well–a lot of guys (myself included) are guilty of forgetting the importance of denim shade and how it flows with the rest of your attire.

Look #2: Semi-Casual

I’m kind of cheating on the next one. It’s not really his style, but the style of one of his characters.

In the film Bad Teacher, Timberlake goes for this geek chic type look. A look that seems to make it’s focal point around the eye glasses (another great accessory, this same style tactic is also used by his character in Social Network.)

Along with glasses you also find bright colored ties, and either light colored blazers or again–light colored cardigans.

What makes the characters dress so memorable are, again, the glasses. Glasses certainly can be used for fashion and to add a hint of sophistication–I guess it’s right–glasses do make folks look smarter.

Pair glasses with a more “fancy” out fit and it certainly makes it a bit more classy. Also take note of the color scheme–light plaid ties with light colored shirts blend with perfection.










Justin Timberlake Semi Casual



Look #3: Semi-Formal

The vest seems to be a tricky topic–but I say go for it.
It was in with the kids for a while but just like fedoras, vests started turning into a novelty ware more than great style pieces.

However, if done correctly, vests can still be a great addition to a shirt and tie or even just a button down sans the tie.

Timberlake has been known to pair vests with slacks as well as jeans–I’m more of a purist though, so I’d recommend pairing them with slacks for a vintage yet classy look.

Also wear them with a pair of rimmed glasses to up the sophistication of the whole piece.

Lately we have seen a resurgence of 3 piece suits, skinny ties, and vests. Trends such as this seem to be riding off of the success of TV shows such as Mad Men, but also because that whole look is just timeless.

You can’t go wrong with some basic mens formal or cocktail ware, although a lot of pulling it off is about fit, the ingredients of it are fairly simple.
Just pair together a good collared shirt and solid colored tie, or vest and you’ve nailed it.
Classy is in these days. Especially for a soon to be college grad like myself.


  1. 07/04/2011 at 7:19 pm

    His look is effortless.

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