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Review: The Antlers, Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out


The Antlers are a Brooklyn based group signed to French Kiss records, one of the labels in which I am doing artist development and promotions for. Although The Antlers aren’t one of the bands I’m working with, they are still certainly one to write about especially after their phenomenal appearance last night on Leno.

The group is best known for their previous album Hospice, a conceptual album that was in essence a love story between a hospice worker and a terminally ill patient, each track furthering the story line right up to it’s tragic and foreseen end.

And yes..it was just as heart breaking and intense as it sounds.

So, I was pleased to hear that the group recently released the album Burst Apart–and was equally as excited to hear that Burst Apart was not a conceptual piece about cuddly bunnies exploding in a firework accident or anything–instead it’s just a damn good album. It’s still emotional and intense–just not as potent and intimidating as Hospice was.

One of the standout tracks from Burst Apart is Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out, a track that immediately sweeps you in with Peter Silbermans captivating voice–a voice that seems to be a mix of Ben Gibbard, Brendon Urie and even Conor Oberst at certain spots.

The heavy atmosphere of the track–such as the swift guitar rhythm, swooshing hi-hats, and subtle electronics– only exemplify the powerful vocals and lyrics of Silberman.

The lyrics are simple but effective–the music really takes hold over the lyrics and becomes a vehicle that drives the vocals in all the right locations.

Despite the music and lyrics meshing so well together– the content of the song is still something to take notice of. The track tells a story of heartbreak and the self destruction that pursues in it’s aftermath.

“One bad night I’ll hold the glass until the glass can hold me down
And one bad night I’ll spill and spill until my feet begin to drown
And one bad night I’ll hear you calling me to help you not pass out”

Upon further investigating the album each track has a similar charm–beautiful progression, emotional lyrics, and on point instrumentation. The subtly in production is also just as charming–slight hints of electronica on the intros and outros–and for the slower tunes: just the right amount of vocal/guitar effect that creates a beautiful and welcoming space. A space that invites you to sit down and experience the message, emotion, and triumph of the album.

For an introduction to The Antlers and what they have to offer, take a listen to Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out and stay tuned for a review of Burst Apart.

(I’d write one today but I want a few more days with this gem, so spoiler alert: It’s a good one.)

Or hey, just go pick up the album  here.

Thanks for reading.


Image Courtesy of Stereo Gum.

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