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List: Five Summer Tracks To Look Out For

Summer time is notorious for quite a few things–free time, sunshine– the accomplished yet annoying feeling of post-beach sand in your bed.. you guys know what I’m talking about.

Anyhow, one of the more favorable things about summer is all the great new music releases.

Labels are notorious for releasing material in the summer.

They do this because they know people generally have more free-time to invest in music and live performances. Sometimes bands will even hold off on promoting a single until the summer–just because the song seems to work better in the magical lazy summer scene, and because maybe..just maybe their tune can be the soundtrack for your summer escapades.

So, likewise, this summer will be no different with plenty of new releases and new artists coming our way.

So here are five big tracks to look out for this summer!

(In no particular order.)


5. Raphael Saadiq, Radio

Lately I’ve had a mild obsession with soul and early rock and roll (See my Little Richard piece for proof).

So it’s great that ex-Tony! Toni! Tone! front-man has put out the tune Radio, from his stellar new album Stone Rollin’. The track is a throw back to the 1950’s scene, but not in the cheesy Happy Days kind of way–Saadiq combines a du-wop meets r&b guitar riff, a hard hitting back beat and soul filled vocals to make an instant classic.

Saadiq definitely channels the rock stylings of Buddy Holly and the soulfulness of Ray Charles for this song– and the guitar riff seems to be straight out of a 1950’s beach party flick.

The song could easily have been a weak cliche tribute to 1950’s music and production styles, but it’s so damn catchy!

You can also hear the current r&b influence in the track which keeps it old school but fresh at the same time. Saadiq is also no rookie when it comes to the music scene, the man has won numerous Grammys not only with Tony! Toni! Tone! but also for previous solo albums.  And his new album Stone Rollin’ certainly has the momentum–as well as the broadcast ready sound– to turn into a quick summer hit.


4. Death Cab for Cutie, You Are A Tourist

Death Cab For Cutie released their new album Codes and Keys fairly recently and it has been deemed, “their most uplifting album to date”.

I know that a number of die-hard Death Cab fans were let down with the new album, calling it “too pop driven”. Whatever the case may be, I find the track You Are A Tourist to be catchy and uplifting–and if that’s what they mean by poppy than I guess I can get used to their newfound pop driven sound (well, at least for this track).

The song has Gibbards signature styled voice equipped with inspirational lyrics that are beautifully mixed with a funky drum beat and bouncing keyboards. The song appears to be a beacon of light for those who’ve lost hope–and as far as production and quality goes–it also seems to be a sure fire euphoric track for summer time.


3. Beyonce, Party

So what could be better than a song from the soulstress herself, Beyonce? I don’t know, how about adding Atlanta hip hop innovator Andre 3000? Still not satisfied? Let’s have Kanye West produce the track.

The song I am speaking of is Party off of her, yet to be released, album 4.

Immediately you know the song will be what some may refer to as a “banger” by the Kanye West vocal introduction and a smooth beat that could sell records on it’s own. Beyonce’s vocals then smooth out the backing track even more with her one of a kind style that proves why she reigns supreme in the music world–and then when Andre 3000 comes in– it’s pretty much sign sealed and delivered that the song is going to be a hit.

Great song, and it’s so refreshing to hear Andre 3000 make another great guest appearance. It’s really an all-star track guaranteed for success this summer, 1+1 is another great song from the album, but this has the sound that just oozes summer time.


2. My Morning Jacket, Circuital

I recently reviewed MMJ’s new album Circuital, and although I had minor issues with continuity and production techniques–I did say that Circuital contained quite a few great tunes.

One of those tracks is the namesake for the album, Circuital.

The song has a great build up–Jim James’ vocals over a sparse melody and then suddenly …it just happens. The track wonderfully pops and explodes into an upbeat guitar strum, a grooving bass line and a funky drum beat that makes the song another one to keep on your summer time radar.

Circuital seems designed to be their “radio” track, which in this case, isn’t  a bad thing.

You can almost picture yourself cruising along the highway as the tune comes bellowing from your speakers.


1. Givers, Up Up Up

Givers is a great band from Louisiana that I discovered during my artist development internship. They have been turning a lot of heads lately and you can find their name on many “best summer tracks” articles similar to this one– The group also tore up the stage at SxSW this year which had plenty of people talking.

The single that most people are raving about right now is Up, Up, Up which is from their debut album, In Light.

The track is up-tempo as well as up-lifting with a melodic xylophone and muted guitar groove, and the piece becomes even more likable with the vocal exchange between the male and female vocalists.

The tune also brings more to the table than just an up-beat feeling.

The chorus is catchy as all get out, and it’s musically done with perfection–the track fails to become repetitive or monotonous due to their nicely timed grooves and instrumental breaks.

Awesome summer song from a great group that will not only put you in a great mood–but also in a great mood for summer time.

Be on the look out for an album review from these guys soon!

Thanks for reading.


Images Courtesy of: Cassi England, The Couch Sessions, and Stereo Gum.

  1. Matthew Planchard
    06/12/2011 at 1:06 pm

    I really liked Up, Up, Up! I’m looking forward to the album review.

    • 06/12/2011 at 1:14 pm

      Me too! They are a pretty cool little group. I’m really happy I’ll be doing promotions work with them this summer, I’m technically supposed to get free tickets for the artists I am marketing, so hopefully they will be in the area this summer.

      Thanks for reading!

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