Beyonce- 1+1


The track is very minimalistic with a picked guitar melody and a mellow back beat that beautifully accentuates Beyonce’s powerful voice.

The song seems to be an update on Sam Cookes 1960’s hit, Wonderful World. The track retains the line “I don’t know much about algebra” but the song seems to have a more up to date feel that doesn’t necessarily send the same message of liberation and playfulness that was so much felt in the 1960’s.

Cooke was telling his girl, “I know if you love me too/ what a wonderful world it could be.”

However, Beyonce’s message is a bit different.

She is saying she doesn’t know much about fighting but she will fight for her loved one, she doesn’t know much about guns but she has been shot by him also.

Throughout the song she references war, death, and apocalypse and is more so left hoping that love can still do the same things that Cooke promised it could.

The words “make love to me” echo throughout the track mixing a hint of vulnerability  and confidence with such a bold remark.

The electric guitar solo towards the end has also been compared to the likes of a Prince ballad, since the songs melodramatic piano and whimpering vocals closely resemble something only Prince could turn out.

The song is written and produced wonderfully–Beyonce’s vocals being the main focus of the song and the lyrics, whether deliberately or not, mimic the Cooke classic and serve as a beautiful update to the piece.

Great song that will surely be an instant classic.

Image Source: You Heard It New

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