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The Roots of Hip Hop: Spoken Word Poetry


It is widely accepted that the roots of lyric driven music comes from poetry.

Poetry crosses cultural as well as generational gaps, and is widely considered a main stay in the art world and one of the most genuine ways to express your emotions.

And if written lines aren’t powerful enough poetry becomes even more potent when a poem is recited–when you can not only hear but feel the power behind every word and every stanza, then poetry becomes an even more expressive and beautiful art form.

If you really delve into it and look into poetry and its global presence, you start to see its effect in not only music and literature but everything from speeches, sermons, lectures, interactions between loved ones–from Greek epics to the meditative haikus poetry is a corner stone in expression and identity.

That being said, it is no surprise that many musicians and writers spill their thoughts into poetry in some shape or form.

Some have even gone as far as writing books of poetry, having a spoken word track on their album or doing television appearances.

Listed below are a few of my favorites:

Kanye West- Bitter Sweet 


Talib Kweli- Religions

Common- A Letter To The Law


Alicia Keys- Tears for Water

Kanye West- 18 Years









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