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Song of the Moment: Amnesia by Blu

There aren’t many things that better represent freedom, revolution and liberation than the raw rhythms of American Jazz and the poetic driven sounds of Hip Hop. Both of these musical genres far surpass art and have more so become a catalyst for social change and cultural uprising.

The EP Amnesia by Blu consists only of seven songs, Blu only rapping on three while the other four are purely instrumentals. While this may seem to be a bother for some– the samples speak for themselves and blend wonderfully with the tracks in which Blu raps. It’s the type of album that if listened from start to finish tells a story from track to track, the consistency is natural and complimentary from the start of the album all the way to the finish. Something that is lost in most modern album productions.

In the song Amnesia (original), listed above, Blu’s powerful, smooth and poetic flow combined with the crooning Billie Holiday samples can best be described as looking out your window on a cloudy morning and seeing the sun slowly seep through breaks in the clouds. The haunting and gray Billie Holiday sample repeats ominous lines of feeling blue, while the warm lyrics and style of Blu seep through the sample making a smooth and unique contrast.

The entire EP is definitely an ode to jazz and to roots hip hop, and best of all each track is only 89 cents on I-Tunes, you probably have more than that in your couch cushions. So scrounge up some coins and upload some tracks to your Mp3 player for a great relaxation inducing album.

(Image Courtesy of Soletron)

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